Bringing a baby into your home is a moment that you want to capture.

While some of you may book a professional to photograph your baby, some of us are excited at the idea of capturing our newborn’s first days ourselves.

I have here on the blog today tips and advice from a lifestyle newborn photographer HJ Photography to help guide you on how to capture beautiful images of your baby once you have brought your baby home.

Those first few days when you bring a new baby home can be a blur and it is a life changing moment as you change your whole routine to now have a new person join your family. You will so easily loose yourself in a new routine of feeding, changing and sleeping when you can.

It’s these early days that you will want to remember and will want to capture those precious details — that wrinkly skin, your baby’s tiny toes, and that heart-melting yawn.

Hi everyone, my name is Hiral Jethwa and I am the owner of HJ Photography. I am really excited to share with you my tips on how you can take newborn photos yourself.

The tips I will be sharing with you today are not overly technical, as I am not here to teach you everything I have learnt over the years as a newborn photographer.

These are tips to help you make sure you have captured and documented those early days of your new baby in your arms. I want to help you capture precious memories from the first few days / weeks as you create a new home for your baby. These are the days that you will never get back as you will soon find that they grow and change so fast.


No need to worry if you don’t have a ‘proper’ camera, you can simply use your smart phone camera and the option of portrait mode if you have. The portrait mode setting gives you an option to help create background blur in your photo.

Most importantly don’t forget clean your camera lens – we use our phones for everything and that lens will need a clean before taking any photos.

Lastly to add do not worry about trying to use lots of props – we want to focus on capturing all the love and connections that surround your baby. No need to stress about adding props to your setting.


Light is the one thing all us photographers worry about to ensure we capture the best possible photos. 

By taking the time to look for where there is good light in your home will help you decide where in your house you should take your baby’s photos.

I would recommend that you take photos in a room where you have soft natural light coming through a window.  Avoid direct sunlight which is unflattering and can looks harsh in photos.

Do remember to switch off all indoor lighting to avoid capturing in your photos a yellow colour cast.

If taking photos of a parent holding a baby by the window, hold your baby to be facing the light to let that gentle soft light wash over them to help you capture clear beautiful expressions of your baby being cuddled.

Where to look for good light in your house

My top 3 favourite places in the home to capture photos of a newborn with their family is:

– In the nursery sitting on the floor or standing by the cot.

– Arranging the family to sit on the bed, on the side where there is window light.

– Standing by a window.

To capture photos of your whole family in the frame I would recommend using a  phone tripod and the self timer mode or a blue tooth clicker connected to your phone to capture you all in the photos you capture. Remember to have fun you can pick your best photos after – keep clicking to increase your chances of capturing a handful of photos you will like.


One of my favourite parts of a newborn shoot is capturing all the gorgeous newborn details. It’s mesmerising to see how small and tiny the features are of a newborn baby I just love to capture all the tiny details from their small feet and those baby eyelashes.

To capture these details you need your baby to be fast asleep to allow you to get up close and focus on their:

  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Eyes
  • Lashes

Remember to try and shoot from different angles, focusing on all the different details – I like to place the baby on the bed and stand over to capture photos from a birds eye view.

Lastly do not forgot to capture the details of motherhood – feeding and caring for your baby are all important and beautiful moments to capture. Moments that will last for only a short amount of time and need to be captured and documented.

You may not feel in a place that you want to take photos of you with your baby but I promise you I honestly promise you when you look back at these images you will be so happy that you did. These are moments you may not fully appreciate now in the mist of the the chaos a newborn brings but in years to come you will be reminded of the beauty of those first few months with your baby.


Once you have taken your photos – find time to sit down and select your favourite images.  Your phone will easily allow you to create a favourite list of your images and put into a separate album on your phone. You then have the option to further enhance your images by using the editing tool on your phone to lighten the photos or boost the colours. You can take it a step further and use editing apps like Snap Seed to edit your images.

Life is precious, it does not matter what camera you own. Just find the time to capture your family and document the start of a new chapter in your lives’ this is my last piece of advice to you…….

Thank you Emma for letting me be guest blog on your site and I do hope that your readers have enjoyed learning some tips on how to take new born photos in their home.

If you would like to see more of the work by our guest photographer HJ Photography or have any questions for Hiral you can find her on her website or Instagram

Tips for taking newborn photos at home

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