Hiring a night nanny is typically not at the top of most people’s priority list when you’re expecting a baby. There’s getting through the pregnancy to worry about, wondering how on earth this baby is going to get OUT, and then if you’ve given any thoughts about after the birth it’s usually along the lines of how to breastfeed, or what formula to buy. The reality however, is that so many parents come home after the birth, and are thrust into this unknown world of parenthood, alone. With a baby to feed, change, entertain, soothe to sleep and keep alive! We no longer live in a culture where there’s a long line of family members, friends and neighbours that will support you and your newborn with hands on care, or to go to for advice about the endless things to worry about when you have a baby.

So how can a night nanny fit into this craziness?

A night nanny is someone who can come into your home, at any stage during the first 6 months of your baby’s life, to give you a good night’s sleep. But there’s so much more to the support provided than just getting some extra rest and sleep. Here’s my top 5 reasons to consider hiring a night nanny…

A continuous source of knowledge from someone you trust…

One of the main reasons why people need and want support during the early months of a baby’s life is to gain answers to the seemingly endless list of questions you have. Why is my baby throwing their arms up in the air during sleep? Is that noise normal? What’s the best cure for nappy rash? The problem is that googling at 3am will not only give you a million answers to sift through but more frustratingly, they’ll be conflicting. And extreme. So you can imagine how reassuring it is just to be able to ask someone who has seen hundreds of babies and has also got to know you and you baby.

“Emma provided a listening ear, with great advice all with logical background and provided a wealth of experience that provided me the reassurance”


Buckhurst Hill

Not just for the rich and famous…

A common misconception is that night nannies are only for the elite high flyers with thousands to spare on staff. Whilst that may be the case for some, in reality there are many more couples enlisting the help to get a better nights sleep during the newborn period. Night nannies don’t have to cost the earth. Being able to choose varied hours, how many nights a week, and the length of time you have a night nanny to stay can all help reduce the cost to an affordable sum. The large majority of families I have worked for in the past have simply put aside other luxuries such as a holiday, in favour of getting a healthy, happy start into parenthood and consider it money well spent. Plus, there’s always the option of being gifted a night nanny by relatives and friends!

Mums who choose to breastfed can still be supported…

A frequently asked question I receive is how does a night nanny support a family when they are breastfeeding? In fact, most breastfeeding mothers wouldn’t even consider it an option enough to ask the question. During the early weeks, a night nanny can take the baby to the breastfeeding mother for feeding but still manage the changing, winding and settling. They will also have the knowledge of when it is ‘safe’ to start expressing and introducing a bottle of expressed milk without damaging milk supply. The hours worked for a breastfeeding Mother often differ to those who are formula feeding and so being adaptable is key. Research shows that breastfeeding mothers are more likely to have disrupted sleep so surely need all the help and support they can get?

“I felt like I was getting the best of both worlds; I was getting a good nights sleep whilst knowing my baby was still getting breastmilk”


Bishop's Stortford

Enhanced enjoyment of your baby…

The newborn phase is supposed to be a blurry mess that you just survive and rush through in order to get to the good stuff, right? Well, not necessarily. Being able to actually enjoy the newborn cuddles without feeling resentful or just plain tearful from lack of sleep can be another huge benefit of having a night nanny on board. So many mothers I meet after weeks or months of poor sleep worry about how little energy they have to truly focus on their baby and interact with them in a way that is enjoyable and beneficial to both them and their baby. Having had even 1 good nights sleep a week during this phase can really make all the difference to your mood and energy which will always translate into an improved relationship with your baby, as well any older children you may have.

It’s not just physical support you need…

The emotional support is a hidden yet completely underestimated gem of a side effect when you have someone there to coach you though the early months. Think of it as having a counsellor coming into your home when you’re at your most vulnerable and being able to give advice, but to also listen. You may have an amazingly supportive partner, a close family and a great network of friends, but there are some things that you just won’t want discuss openly with anyone else. You may be putting on a brave face, or simply not wanting to ‘burden’ anyone with your worries. Our chats may not even be at all baby related, but being able to use a night nanny as a sounding board can come in quite handy. And anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE a good chat!

A supported mama is a happy mama, so a night nanny should definitely become a can’t-live-without item on the ‘what to do before baby arrives’ list. You can check out my night nanny rates here or get in touch for further enquiries on how a night nanny could help you.

Blogged by Emma, owner of HushaBoo and Mum to Davey. Who, coincidentally, didn’t hire a night nanny, but was blessed with years of baby knowledge and experience before he came along…! Follow me below for more blogs, updates and advice on all things sleep and parenting.

5 reasons to consider a night nanny

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