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Through my years of working in the childcare and baby arena, I have built up strong relationships with other businesses and services, all of which I have personally used or would highly recommend. 

 The Baby Chain

I am delighted to be a valued member of this free support group. The Baby Chain is a group of female practitioners local to Herts & Essex specialising in fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal services.

We as members have colaborated to bring you a positive, nurturing and holisitc community online and in person, that will support you on every step of your special journey.

For mums or mums-to-be who live in Bishop Stortford or the surrounding areas, we meet monthly for a free, informal walk and talk.

Join our community now either via Facebook, Instagram or our website for all our latest news, advice, tips and dates we meet.

So who Are The Baby Chain Practitioners?

 Emma Riedo Movement

Emma Riedo is a Women’s Movement and Wellbeing Coach. Emma is passionate about empowering women to take back control of their bodies whether planning to have a baby, already pregnant, newly postnatal or long time postnatal. There’s a commonly held belief that leaking pee, having aches and pains, diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals) and pelvic organ prolapse are normal if you’re a woman – this is simply not true! Emma teaches movement classes, 1-2-1s and workshops both Restore Your Core and Mindful Movement to help women reconnect to their bodies and resolve such issues.

You can email Emma at


Knead-a-Massage – Jemma Golds

Jemma Golds specialises in Massage & Holistic Therapies. Jemma has been offering pregnancy & postnatal massage for over 25 years and more recently added fertility/womb massage to her credentials.
Clients benefit hugely from having massage regularly throughout their pregnancy to helpwith all the aches, pains, tiredness, cramps, water retention and other issues,that are common as an expectant mother as well as being deeply relaxing. Post-natal massage treatments are all about restoring, healing & resting.

You can email Jemma on


Birth Easy with Georgia

Georgia is a Birth Educator, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Breech Birth Mentor & WiseHippo Birthing Practitioner, teaching Hypnobirthing Tasters, Courses & Coaching Calls to prepare you for a positive birth experience.

Did you know there’s at least 23 practical ways to prepare for birth? How have you prepared for your birth? Georgia’s courses remove all fear and give you the tools and techniques to birth confidently and take control of your birth experience. You wouldn’t run a marathon without training – the same goes for childbirth! 

You can email Georgia at


Chloe Burroughs Reflexology

Chloe Burroughs is a Reflexologist; She is a member of the Association of Reflexologists and has a diploma in fertility, maternity and postnatal Reflexology. Chloe has a particular interest in women’s health and loves to help women achieve their optimum health and wellbeing. She is passionate about providing reflexology in a relaxing and nurturing environment.

You can email Chloe at


Other Reccomended Professionals

Naomi @ Nurtured Mother

Naomi is a highly experienced Doula. Her background started in paediatric nursing and then midwifery although not completing her training, she has supported many women clinically during birth plus many more in the antenatal and postnatal period.

After a traumatic early birth of her eldest son, Naomi realised there was a huge gap of support for new mums in her area. She started running mother and baby groups from home and they were a great success. Naomi went on to train as an antenatal teacher and pregnancy massage therapist which all led her straight into the path of becoming a doula.

Naomi builds good solid relationships with women/birthing people and their partners/families, provide ongoing, loving support through out their pregnancy, birth experiences and into the postnatal period.

She feels like she can truly make a difference.

As from 2021, Naomi made a decision to solely support people who choose to birth at home.

Naomi completed her doula training with Developing Doulas and is now a recognised birth and postnatal doula with Doula UK.

For more information please visit Naomis website Nurtured Mother

Leigh @ Mumma’s Milk

Leigh is an accredited Breastfeeding Counsellor, passionate about helping mothers establish a breastfeeding relationship with their babies. She is a gentle practitioner focusing on attachment parenting and also supports babies moving on to solids.

For more information on how Leigh can help you, please visit her Facebook page.