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I have been working with children in numerous childcare settings since 2006, and my varied experience has helped me to collate a broad view and knowledge of children of all ages. Through my work as a nanny, I have discovered a love for each and every developmental age group and the different pleasures (and challenges!) each bring. Since working as a night nanny, however, I found that I have a passion for helping families with babies and young children – perhaps it’s those wonderful 3am newborn cuddles! As well as caring for newborns, the most important role for me as a night nanny is to provide you with the necessary tools to create a healthy sleep environment and habits that lay the foundation for sufficient, restorative sleep into older childhood and beyond, (well after I’m gone!). Realising that there are a lot of parents struggling to cope with sleep deprivation in both theirselves as well as their children, I set up HushaBoo in 2013 to continue offering a night nanny service for newborns, but also to venture into the realm of sleep consulting.


The world of baby and child sleep is often a minefield for parents, with conflicting opinions given from all angles, often leaving you feeling more confused than with no advice whatsoever! This well-meant advice isn’t always wrong, but each baby and family are unique so what works for your friend/sibling/colleague may not be the best possible strategy for your little ones sleep issues. The solution can vary from being incredibly simple to a combination of complex issues that are all contributing to disrupted sleep, which is where a sleep consultant can view your situation with professional eyes and provide the correct, unique strategy that fits with your family. I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach so you will always be provided with tailored sleep plan that will take into account your families needs, lifetsyle, personalities and parenting philosophy. Working as a sleep consultant is incredibly rewarding, and I will be there supporting you and taking delight at each little step towards victory!

As well as a level 3 qualification in Children’s Care, Learning and Development, I have a BSc Hons degree in Psychology and an accredited level 3 qualification in Sleep Training. I am also first aid trained, DBS checked and have specific public liability insurance with Westminster Insurance. As part of my commitment to maintaining professional standards throughout my work, I am a member of The British Psychological Society, The British Sleep Society, and The International Association for Sleep Consultants. Although I work with children of all ages, I specialise in under 5’s. I also have wealth of experience with twins so I can help with specific multiples sleep issues and routines.

In March 2016, I became a Mummy to a gorgeous baby boy who has definitely brought a new outlook towards my job role. Whilst I had experienced the night wakings and subsequent tiredness, it is the holistic experience of being a parent that has given me not only further empathy for my amazing clients dealing with sleep deprivation, but a better understanding of what it takes to be a Mum. It’s the emotion that goes into making sure all of your babies needs are being met, and the continuous analysis of each individual aspect of their lives, that causes confusion and anxiety when trying to deal with sleep issues which results in the need for an external professional source to support you.


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Comment below or use the hashtag #thatfridayfeeling to share how your Friday is going and what plans you’ve got this weekend. We’re off to the circus tomorrow 🎪

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This month at HushaBoo we're talking about baby sleep products, more specifically sleeping bags. It's getting colder so you may be thinking about how to keep your little one warm at night.

They are one of the most widely used baby sleep products and there's no surprise that 95% of family households have them. Here are some of the reasons I think they are a necessity:
⭐️ constant warmth
⭐️easy to wash
⭐️positive sleep association
⭐️stops trapped feet
⭐️stops toddlers escaping!

It's a saturated market with many different brands claiming they have the perfect design, so how do you know where to start?

To help with the confusion, take a look at the latest blog here that looks at different options that suits every family.

If you already have children, feel free to post your own sleeping bag recommendations below! If you have a request for another product review then comment below and I will do my best to cover this in the coming months. And don't forget to add a cute photo of your little one looking snug in their sleeping bag...
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What can you do to support World Mental Health Day? If someone you know is struggling just a quick call or even a message to let them know you’re there for them could make their day.

Mums in particular need support or to know support is there if they need it. Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes in maternal mental health issues so if you’re struggling, know that you’re not alone. Just here at HushaBoo alone I see many parents feeling overwhelmed with life with a newborn, baby or toddler. It’s hard work but by reaching out to someone for help, it will instantly take that weight off your shoulders. So if that’s you, or someone you know, make today the day you make that leap #itsokaynottobeokay

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This weeks sleep clinic is getting booked up fast ⭐️💕 If you need any questions on baby sleep answered this week, and also fancy free stay and play then see the details for my sleep clinic at The Nurture Barn at The Blue Egg, Great Bardfield here:

The following sessions are available:

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2 weeks ago

HushaBoo Night Nanny & Sleep Consultant

Just back from an amazing break in Marrakech so I will be in touch with anyone who has been in touch in the next 48 hours. My next admin day is Friday so anyone asking for phone calls, these will be scheduled for then.

3 out of 5 nights, he just couldn’t quite make it to bed! All that swimming and sight seeing took its toll! So whilst we had planned to be quite relaxed with bedtimes, his body clock decided otherwise!

I’m also really glad we made the decision not to fly until he was a bit older. We made 4 flights when he was a baby pre-walking (and it was easy!), but thought that a holiday wouldn’t be much fun with a toddler. This time round now he’s 3, the flight was so easy I even managed to watch 8 episodes of 13 reasons why!!

I’d also really recommend Morocco for a family break, lovely and warm this time of year for those with under 5’s, Moroccan people love children and Davey was greeted with a high 5 everywhere we went. We booked with Rachel at Holiday Designers who made our trip easy from start to finish. Can’t wait for the next one! Feel free to ask any holiday related questions below...

#holidaybreak #marrakech #kidsinmorocco #familybreaks #familytravels #healthysleep #sleeproutine #travelwithkidstips #sleepbetter @ Aqua Mirage Marrakech
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