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I take great pride in the work that I do that help families overcome sleep issues, whether they need help with a newborn or their older child. I understand that every family has different requirements which is why I offer a tailored service and sleep plan to help you implement a sleep strategy that will give you and your little one the night sleep you both need.

I have many satisfied customers who are more than happy to provide glowing testimonials and often recommend my services to friends and children’s groups.


Emma has rescued us not once but twice now. She has enabled me to get some much needed sleep with both of my babies – instantly bringing a calm and confident energy into the house when I have felt overwhelmed. She’s kind, knowledgeable and totally relaxed in her work. She is one of those special people who truly loves her job and helping people. She has a loving, gentle way with babies and a magic way of helping them to settle and sleep. She makes parents feel at ease and I instantly trusted her with both of my newborns. If I ever have another baby, I will be booking Emma straight away! She helped make having a baby enjoyable again.
Sophie, April 2022

When my son’s 4 month sleep regression dragged on into his 6th month I knew we needed some outside help. Emma was recommended by a friend who had amazing success in turning around her baby’s sleep habits. Prior to our consultation with Emma I was very apprehensive as I knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to implement some of the hard and fast sleep training methods I had previously read about. However, Emma listened to our situation and understood my desire to approach sleep training in a gentle way. Within 3 days of receiving our sleep plan from Emma my son was sleeping through the night! Emma has been so kind and supportive through this process, she was a god send for us and I feel so lucky that our paths crossed.
Sandra Heverin, April 2022

We met Emma when my son was 9 months old after a personal recommendation, and I can honestly say that Emma saved my sanity and changed everything for us as a family.

When we found Emma my son had never slept for longer than 2-3 hours, and was a true cat napper. We had already attempted and failed at sleep training when he was 6 months old- so I had lots of reservations around trying again.

Emma listened to all of my concerns, and was led by my parenting style rather than ‘rules’ – which was a huge relief and instantly put me at ease.

Within a week and with a flexible routine my son began sleeping through the night consistently.

The whole process was a huge success which surprisingly happened with little resistance – despite the fact we had gone from 2hrly breastfeeding at night & feeding to sleep, to no night feeds at all.

Thanks to Emma and all of her support my son now sleeps from around 7pm-6am, will happily nap on the go or at home, and we as parents have a new lease of life.

We couldn’t thank or recommend Emma enough!

Emily Jefferies, March 2022

I first met Emma back in 2019, when she helped me sleep training with my daughter, when I fell pregnant with my son, I contacted Emma for night nannying as I was going to have a toddler and a newborn, and a husband who worked very long hours! Sleep was an essential to survive the early months, we booked Emma for 3 nights a week for 6 weeks then slowly reduced over a few months! It was the best decision I ever made! I trusted her completely and within minutes of her arrival I was in bed sleeping! Emma definitely got us through the early months she is just amazing!
Katy Godsave, March 2022

Emma has been fantastic since I came to her a few months ago with all sorts of difficulties with Harleys sleep routine. We have got into such a great place in such a short period of time and Emma continues to support and guide me through every road block we encounter with Harleys sleep.
I find Emma makes time for me and knows Harley really well; this reflects in her conversations with me. She is truly a godsend and I cant recommend Emma enough.
Sharan Kaur, October 2021

Emma is an amazing sleep consultant and was able to pinpoint the cause of our toddler’s panic attacks and general resistance to bedtime within a short consultation and with an onsite visit for some practical tips. Within three days of speaking with Emma our little boy’s bedtimes went from something I would worry about all day to become a really pleasant part of my day which allowed me to have more quality time with my little one. I don’t know why we waited so long to enlist Emma’s help – we should have spoken to her 18 months ago it would have provided us with so much more free time in the evenings.
Jane Pryor, September 2021

We loved having Emma with us as a Night Nanny 🙂 She is so easy to get along with and calm and it was so easy and straight forward to have her slot in to our home for the nights she was here.
We miss those Emma days!

Penelope Summer, March 2021

I’m a first time mum, mid forties and OMG what a life change from a full on career and independence! A baby in lockdown and reading all books available I was shattered, under confident and basically felt lost.
Emma was the most supportive person I could have met. She provided a listening ear, with great advice all with logical background and provided a wealth of experience that provided me the re-assurance with my now 5 month old boy.
Emma was a night nanny for us for many weeks, my little boy started sleeping from his dream feed from 2.5months and Emma guidance and support has managed me to be self-assured with my routine and my son is content and happy.
It is not an easy journey but Emma become part of my small family very quickly her caring nature provided me with the trust to leave my son with her and it was the best thing.
It wasn’t a quick fix but by her observing his sleep and feeding she helped me maintain his sleep, which is so vital for his development.
I would highly recommend Emma and HushaBoo for night nannying, sleep advice and support she was more then a consultant and really works with you and what you want in the best way possible.
I can’t thank Emma enough for allowing a new mum to get sleep and having a son who likes his sleep.
Good luck to all you mums out their and stay safe!

Gitika Kalra, November 2020

After a 30min support call with Emma, our 13 month old is now sleeping through the night after only 8 days of using her methods. I expect there will be some ups and downs, but we now have the tools to manage these. We feel so rested! Thank you Emma 

Sophie Rose , August 2020

We used Emma for our 20 month old little boy who just kept waking for no apparent reason.
She came over and sat with us going through lots of questions to establish where any issues may lie.
Within a couple of days we had a written plan and just after a couple of more days following the plan he was going through the night.
A miracle! To have a full nights sleep and feel alive again; you can’t put a price on that!
Emma is hugely empathetic, experienced and personable. I recommend her to anyone I meet, experiencing sleep issues with their littles.

Georgia Mathieu, April 2020

Coming from a personal recommendation, Emma was a night nanny for our second daughter a couple of nights a week from our baby being a few weeks old all the way up to six months. As well as helping us get a full night’s sleep a couple of times a week, Emma’s expertise and experience was invaluable as we tried to sleep train our baby and set an appropriate routine. We were so comfortable knowing our baby was in such safe hands and we are sure we will be contacting Emma again in the near future if we ever need help with sleep, routines or just so we can get some rest

Hayley & Jay Corr, July 2018

Emma has made a big difference to our lives and i highly recommend her support. Our 16 month old daughter had severe colic when she was born for 9 weeks and we never really settled into good sleeping habits. After a year, with a spell of continuous illness and teething she was waking every 45mins and causing a massive strain on us as a family. Emma’s delivery is very professional, supportive and friendly, critically she boosted my confidence when I found particular nights tough and after 3 weeks we saw the rewards of her sleep plan without doing controlled crying. The plan was manageable and i knew what little milestones I had to achieve and gradually it all fell into place. My daughter can now self settle and can sleep through. Emma has prepared me when illness etc can cause bumps in the road and she was spot what routine/environment my daughter needed. Thank you Emma, what a difference you have made

Rachael Saunders. February 2018

I don’t know where to start, I could write reams and reams about how amazing I think Emma is, but will try to be succinct! I first contacted Emma when my baby was around 4.5 months old, primarily because I was having a terrible time with her naps. Night wakings were also becoming more frequent. My hope was to establish a nap routine and potentially reduce night wakings.

After our initial consultation (at which Emma gave us a great deal of time), Emma devised a sleep plan and subsequently spent 3 nights with us. I didn’t think I would ever feel comfortable leaving our baby in the care of anyone else overnight, but Emma is so warm, caring and lovely I felt completely at her ease with her in our home with our baby.

Through Emma’s expertise and guidance, Harper is now sleeping through the night and napping really well each day. She is also now sleeping in her own room and with no dummy!

Emma has supported and guided me every step of the way. I can’t tell you how knowledgeable Emma is on every single aspect of sleep for babies and children. I have asked MANY questions and had so many bumps in the road. Emma has had a really helpful and sensible solution to each issue I’ve encountered.

We genuinely wouldn’t be where we are now with Harper’s routine if it wasn’t for Emma. I believe she has an amazing talent and is so caring and supportive as well. I have had some really desperate moments along the way (not all sleep related, some feeding issues too) and Emma has even supported me with those issues; she has such a well rounded knowledge of what it takes to achieve the best nights sleep possible for your baby.

I simply cannot recommend Emma highly enough and am so so grateful for the massive change that she has helped us to make with Harper’s sleep. Harper is a much happier baby for getting good rest and we are much happier parents for getting a good night’s sleep! Not to mention the time I have back in my day, now that I can just put Harper down in her cot and know she will nap easily. Emma’s help is truly transformative.

Victoria Robertson, January 2018

Emma really took the time to create a plan specifically for us. We had spent months being given/having read conflicting advise that we were exhausted from it, let alone the general lack of sleep! I would highly recommend Emma, she provided us with a gentle way of soothing our child to sleep, which allowed us to get some also!

Amy Turner-Green, December 2017

I honestly cannot recommend Emma enough. I was at the end of my tether with our 20 month old son who had never slept through the night and always woke 2-5 times, sometimes more. My husband and I were clueless as to what to do and so we waited for things to improve on their own, which of course they didn’t!

I had seen and heard so many positive reviews for Emma that we decided we had to ask for her help. She put us at ease immediately. She was professional but also so warm, friendly and reassuring. I really liked her gentle approach. There was no suggestion of letting our little boy cry it out. She worked out that he was waking for milk and worked with us to devise a plan for gradual removal of bad habits, to change our son’s expectation of what happens at night.

The results were immediate. Our little boy now regularly sleeps through the night and if he does wake, he settles himself to sleep. He no longer wakes for milk in the night and as a result his appetite has greatly improved during the day. We now have a much happier and settled little boy.

The support after Emma’s visit has been wonderful too. She was in touch regularly to check how things were progressing and continued to guide and advise us through the process. If the need arose, I would not hesitate to use her again. She is so gifted at what she does.

Thank you so much Emma!

Emma Waters, November 2017

From birth our son has never been a good sleeper, we couldn’t get him to sleep without feeding, he constantly woke up during the night to be fed and because of him waking and feeding so often we were still co sleeping even though he is now 14 months old.

Then we found Emma

After our initial consultation i really liked her and i was feeling hopeful (although still not overly confident as at this point i honestly believed getting him to sleep without feeding would be verging on impossible and would at least take hours of him inconsolably screaming and crying)

BUT on the first night that Emma spent with us she had our son asleep in his own cot in his own room without being fed in just 15 minutes!!

Emma stayed with us for three nights and every night she would get him off to sleep without a problem – on the last night i even managed to get him to sleep on my own using the methods that Emma showed me.

She also managed to get him from being fed several times throughout the night to going from 8pm until 6am without a feed.

Emma is really amazing and whats more is she is such a lovely person who i felt so comfortable having in our home. I don’t really leave my son with anyone other than my husband or grandparents but I really wouldn’t even hesitate leaving him with Emma.

I would recommend her in a heartbeat and I’m so happy that we found her. I will now continue to follow her sleep plan that she wrote for us and continue using the advice and techniques she has given me. Thank you so much Emma!

Lauren Allington-Marshall, 2017

Our four month old baby needed to be rocked or nursed to sleep which is something that we could not sustain in the long term (as my husband I were developing back pain as a result!), so we contacted Emma with the main objective of teaching our baby to self-settle. After an initial phone call, Emma came to us to assess our current patterns and subsequently drafted a plan for us to follow. Once we decided to go ahead with the CIO method, our baby was sleeping by herself after 8 minutes! Emma was patient with any queries we had whilst we were implementing the plan and I felt that I could text / call / email her and she would be happy to assist.

Unlike other (expensive) packages I had seen where the consultant was available for a certain amount of weeks, I felt comfort in knowing that Emma was available for support and guidance when needed.

Emma was a god send, and before she came into our lives we were doing everything wrong in terms of sleep associations!! However, our baby now self settles and sleeps through the night, generally from 7pm – 7am. We have our evenings back 🙂

If you are considering sleep training your baby, I would not hesitate to recommend Emma – as well as getting results she is warm and friendly. Her services have been invaluable to us.

and techniques she has given me. Thank you so much Emma!

Purvi Hemming, August 2017

I can’t recommend Emma enough. We had a 7month old who was waking every 2-3 hours through the night and with an older child too, it was very hard. Emma was reassuring, non judgmental and supportive, taking our wants and needs into consideration. She helped us to turn our dire sleep situation around and bring balance back into our family!

Beth Frozier, July 2017

I attended one of Emma’s sleep workshops in Walthamstow last week and found it really useful and good value for money. I was particularly keen to understand how to get my 8 week old into good sleeping habits and how early I could start a routine which we talked through. I had a few follow up questions a couple of days later which Emma answered really quickly over email.

Billie Andersen-Waine, December 2016

I attended Emma’s newborn workshop in Walthamstow last week…and her tips have already transformed my 2.5 month old’s sleeping – both at night and at nap time.

Emma has a lovely, straightforward way of giving advice, which can be adapted to any parenting method.

Thank you!!

Clair Landon, December 2016

Would definitely be interested in a further session on night weaning once I’ve tried out some new training ideas [workshop]

Laura Johnson, November 2016

Emma came to help us when my daughter was 6 months old, had no idea how to fall asleep by herself, was waking every hour and generally spent most of the night in bed with us. We were all exhausted. After an in depth consultation from Emma and a clear plan from her we were able to manage one night of controlled crying ourselves, which is all it took!! For the last 8 months she been sleeping through from 7-6.30/7. She’s a much happier little girl for it and we’re thrilled too. Thanks so much Emma.

Abigail McLellan, July 2016

Emma is a genius! That is all there is to say! Thank you

Sue Shave, July 2016

We were at our wits end with our sons sleeping or lack of it ! We were all constantly tired including our son who refused to go in his cot ! I got in touch with Emma and it took one night of controlled crying with Emma support. We now have a son who sleeps from 7-7 and we are all happy more importantly my son , my partner quoted “Emma was worth her weight in gold” and he is right, my son sleeps in his cot and is happy … Can’t thank Emma enough

Debbie Ellis, July 2016

Just had my first telephone sleep consultation with Hushaboo. Thank you so much for your advice. I’m looking forward to putting it into practise.

Ingrid Cleminson, June 2016

Absolutely fantastic. Very helpful, knows what she is doing and most importantly… Very patient!

Madhurima Ray, March 2016

We were in a right old pickle with my two year olds sleeping habits before Emma came to stay. I’d got in a rut with him waking for milk at night as he hadn’t really learn to self settle, at its best he would be up once a night and at its worst every hour, he’d get out of bed knock on the door shouting “milk Mummy milk” and then lay behind the door like a human draft excluder. It had been going on for a year, I’d tried to stop it myself but he would scream and scream and in the end I was so tired I’d give in.

I was dithering about getting someone in to help me as my other half was very sceptical and thought we would end up with a screaming baby for months on end. Anyway I finally decided enough was enough and Emma came to stay with us for three nights in the first week of January. I’m so glad she did, from the first night he stopped asking for milk at night and he stayed in his bed all night, but then I was so worried that he would be good for Emma but not good for me. Emma made sure that on the second night I was the one to put him to bed and on the third night I put him to bed and then settled him. The whole process was so much easier than I thought it would be. I through out the bottles after the second night which was a massive thing for us. Oliver is so pleased with himself that he has stayed in his bed all night, he is so much brighter and is obviously eating so much better now he isn’t having milk at night. I so wish I’d done this a year a go, it is well worth the money if you are in this sort of rut. Thank you so very much Emma and good luck with your baby bundle. xxx

Jennifer Warner, January 2016

Very gifted, helped us enormously when our daughter’s sleep regressed. Highly recommended her services to anyone who is struggling with child sleep issues, thank you Emma!

Divya Ramkumar Patel, January 2016

She completely changed our lives with one visit. 4.5 month baby went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping through the night! Miracle worker indeed x

Briana Dougherty Chester, November 2015

Emma changed our lives. We were in an unbelievably awful state – my baby would not sleep except while actually nursing – so I had him next to me in the bed all night. When we tried to detach him he would wake every 45 minutes and cry until I nursed him back to sleep. No one else could get him down.

Then Emma came to stay, and in one night transformed his sleep habits. No ‘leaving him to cry’, either. She found what soothed him, and got him down to sleep. He slept for more than four hours (and so did I!) for the first time in weeks. Then the following night he went for seven… Now he sleeps for 10 hours straight through. If he wakes, he can usually soothe himself back to sleep. He also eats better and is so much happier, now that he’s not tired all the time. And so am I, and therefore so is my husband!

The best money we have ever spent as parents!

Laura Fowler, August 2015

Emma came to help us with our little boy who was 22 months and wouldn’t settle at bedtime without his dummy and didn’t sleep through the night. He had started head banging if I left the room, it was very stressful. I was at the end of my tether, heavily pregnant, working full time and exhausted. She came to us 3 times to help with the bed time routine & offer advice. She was amazing. The dummy went and after 3 nights he was going to sleep by himself & all through the night. The settling took a while but gradually it became less and less and now bedtimes are great! I rave about Emma all the time, she’s brilliant, I highly recommend her.

Dee Driscoll, August 2015

Emma provided a one to one consultation for my wife and I her who were having problems with our son sleeping overnight. She was great, just the reassurance that we were doing the right thing was worth the extremely reasonable fee. However she then went on to provide a bespoke, personalised sleep plan which has helped us to keep our son on track. Would thoroughly recommend Emma to any other parents struggling with sleepless nights.about Emma all the time, she’s brilliant, I highly recommend her.

Sam Eversden, July 2015

Emma provides a highly professional yet warm and friendly service. Her support was invaluable in assisting us to help our son with his sleep routine. Following an assessment at our home, she wrote a tailored sleep plan for us, which we were then able to implement with her constant guidance. We would highly recommend Emma to any family struggling with their little ones sleep problems.

Helen & Joe Parrish, April 2015

I turned to Emma after 12 months of my little one not sleeping through and waking for night feeds. After a one to one consultation a programme was drawn up and put in place and after a tough first week we started to see changes for the better. 3/4 weeks in and apart from the odd grumble in his sleep my little one sleeps through and no more feeds. Emma is lovely and very understanding. Highly recommend.

Emma Bernstein, April 2015

My 14 month old was always a poor sleeper. He had only twice slept through the night in his life (usually waking upwards of five times), and had got particularly bad after a bout of tonsillitis – he was ‘sleeping’ in our bed every night, but basically bouncing around and no one was getting any sleep! He was tired and cranky, and we were at our wits’ end after months with no sleep. In desperation, we called on Emma, who only needed to come to us for an evening, but then was very helpful with a plan of action, and lots of follow up advice. Turns out we had been doing all the wrong things in trying to help him, and it was very useful to have it all explained! He is not yet ‘perfect’ (what child is!) but a consistent and useful personalised plan of action from Emma helped us turn his sleep around, and, one month later, he has gone through the night without waking up several times, and also generally now knows how to self-settle – and the best news is he is in his own bed every night! His sleep seems to be improving all the time. I really recommend Emma, she is very calm and reassuring, and her methods are really comprehensive and helpful. You have to be prepared to put some work in – it is not an instant miracle cure – but the difference in my son is amazing – I wish we had gone to her months before. I would recommend Emma to anyone whose child is having sleep problems, and we would definitely go back to her if we had any problems in the future.

Catherine Preece, January 2015

Emma came to my rescue after nearly 3 months of interrupted sleep by my previously wonderful sleeper. Emma talked me through techniques and spent lots of time with me after her long day at work which after only 1 night began to work! Emma is a lovely lady who I would trust totally with my daughter and recommend her highly should you need help getting your little one to sleep through the night.

Shelley Keenan, January 2015

Hushaboo Sleep Consultant, Emma, is amazing. Emma did some night nannying for us when our twin girls were first born giving us a break when we most needed it. In more recent months we’d got our twin girls into terrible sleep habits. We were sleeping 3-4 hrs a night as a result. Emma analysed the sleep issues in a consultation then observed the girls overnight. The next night we implemented a revised bedtime routine and new sleep plan. Emma was there during the first few nights teaching us and the girls (and also thankfully letting us get some sleep). By the fourth night the girls were pretty much sleeping through! I would highly recommend Emma to any parent who is struggling with their child’s sleeping habits.

Anjani & Hemal Purohit, December 2014

We hired Emma as a night nanny when our daughter was 3 weeks old, after a recommendation from another local mummy. We had a very colicky and refluxy baby and were burnt out after no sleep. Emma was immediately so calm and reassuring, I was able to sleep and know my baby was safe in the care of someone who I could trust to give her the care and comfort she needed. Emma will be guided by the parents with regard to how to respond to the child at night, but equally will offer helpful suggestions where appropriate. We used her on and off when we needed a night’s break up until our daughter was 6 months. I highly recommend her services to other new parents and will certainly be booking her in the future if and when we decide to have no. 2!!

Samantha & Leigh Strong, January 2014