Group sessions

Based in Bishops Stortford, HushaBoo offers tailored night nanny and sleep consultation packages. If you are interested in having a sleep expert to provide a group talk whether is it at your home, nursery or children’s centre, I can help. I offer tailored packages to suit your needs so get in touch and I will be happy to help

Book a group sleep consultation

If you are interested in booking my services for a group session either at your home or as part of a nursery or play group in Bishops Stortford or the surrounding areas, contact me today.

I will be happy to discuss your group requirements and provide an overview of how the group session would work. 

Great for groups of friends or NCT groups who are all in the same boat as new parents and want to learn about sleep together. There’s been great feedback about implementing the advice altogether and supporting each other along the way.

£30 per parent & child for a 2 hour sleep talk and Q&A session – minimum of 5 people  per session.