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The wonderful British Autumn is now in full swing as the weather has definitely taken a colder turn since last week. So this month we are looking at ways to help your little one sleep soundly without waking up cold at 3am, brrrr….

The Lullaby Trust advises against using loose, bulky bedding for babies under a year so it’s no wonder sleeping bags are high up on many new parent’s wish list. They are also great for wriggly toddlers who kick off the covers.

There are many reasons to use a sleeping bag besides the weather. They are easy to wash, safe and help prevent toddlers escaping their cot (surely that’s a reason alone to get one?!). They are also a great sleep association to help prepare your little one for sleep, so you can even use it for naps too. But with so much choice on the market, how do you choose a sleeping bag that suits your little one?

Here are our top sleeping bags for each category from budget saving to jet-setting…

Best for…changing seasons

Babasac Multi Tog Sleeping Bag

We had one of these for Davey after I searched for a sleeping bag that would suit both the cold weather and the rarer warm summer nights. I found and purchased this great one form Babasac that has a removal liner to transform it from a 2.5 tog to 1 tog sleeping bag. As your sleeping bag will most likely last you through both seasons (especially if you are looking at the 6-18 month size), it can save you money with not having to purchase a separate lighter sleeping bag. Another bag great for this is one with merino wool…

Best for…organic lovers

Superlove Baby Sleeping Bag

If buying ethically sourced and produced baby products is your thing, you can’t go far wrong with Superlove’s all season sleeping bag. It is made from 100% pure organic cotton so there’s no need for padding and multi layers, which means it is suitable all year round. The other great feature is that it is suitable from birth right through to toddler years 2+. So whilst it is the priciest sleeping bag on this list, you won’t need to buy another one later on. Doing your bit for the environment at the same time as your pocket!

Best for…travel

Jojo Maman Bebe Toddler Travel Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is great for little ones on the go and busy parents. It has a handy opening for a harness strap and removable sleeves. So whether you’re picking up your toddler after work and know they’re going to fall asleep on the way home, or you need to transfer your napping baby from buggy to cot (or vice versa!), you can keep them warm from A to B. It also comes in 2 sizes to suit both newborns/babies and toddlers, plus a variety of cute prints.

Best for…tighter budgets

Sainsbury’s Tu Multicoloured Elmer Sleep Bag–3-Years%29/134231883-White?searchTerm=:newArrivals&searchProduct=

Let’s face it, most of us need a sleeping bag to do 2 basic functions; keep your little one warm, and easy to wash and dry! So when there’s no need to spend more, Tu at Sainsbury’s have a great range of sleeping bags starting at £14, and some even cheaper in the sale! They come in lots of different patterns and colours and do exactly what it says on the tin. Also great as a spare bag for when the inevitable happens.

Best for…night time nappies

SnuzPouch Sleeping Bag

Every parent knows about nappies. You can’t avoid them, even at night time! So for those early months when nappy changing is a regular occurrence, keep them sleepy with this handy design from Snuz. With the clever zip opening, you can avoid waking them right up with the cold by just accessing the nappy. A huge win for night time with newborns.

Best for…escapees

Vertbaudet Sleeveless Wrap-over Baby Sleep Bag

Life with toddlers is tough, especially when they outsmart you. Most eventually find their way out of their sleeping bag which is why Vertbaudet have an inverted zip feature across their entire range in size 18-36 months. Your toddler will still find ways to outsmart you, but don’t let this night time battle be one of them!

Best for…luxury

Mori Clever Sleeping Bag

You can’t get softer than Mori’s sleeping bags. They use their signature bamboo/organic cotton mix fabric to create a sleeping bag that is super soft and luxurious. With any luck, it will be so inviting, your little one won’t want to leave it…but worst case, you’ll enjoy every minute of your soft snuggle! As big Julia Donaldson fans in our house, I also adore the collaboration with The Gruffalo.

Best for…startle reflexes

Love to Dream Swaddle Up

I’m a huge advocate for swaddling safely as many babies just cannot get a good night’s sleep thanks to their startle reflex. I’ve seen the Love to Dream swaddle suit more than any other baby product and love how easy it is use. To swaddle securely AND safely is a huge challenge, especially for new parents, so this is a winning baby sleeping bag that ticks both boxes. Definitely a must have product if you spot your little one startling themselves awake.

Best for…safety

The Gro Company Grobag

You cannot write a list of sleeping bag products without including the grobag, it is so widely used that many parents I meet refer to their sleeping bag as a grobag even if it isn’t made by The Gro Company! They work closely with the lullaby trust to ensure every sleeping bag meets British Safety Standards and The Lullaby Trust’s own recommendations for safe sleep. They also have a huge variety of patterns so you will be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t suit your taste.

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