Feeding Support

A crucial part of newborn sleep is ensuring that your baby is well fed.

 HushaBoo offers feeding support for parents who are struggling with any area of feeding whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding or a mixture of both. Support is always offered with a non-judgemental approach. Whilst breastfeeding has so many benefits for both mother and baby, we understand that for whatever the reason, some babies need to be fed formula milk. We want to make sure that both you and your baby are happy by providing extensive, current advice to give you as much choice as possible.

Some common issues we can provide support and advice for include:

  • Incorrect latch leading to nipple soreness
  • Understanding supply and demand
  • Importance of responsive feeding
  • Position and attachment
  • Nipple confusion
  • Supply worries
  • Milk routines vs paced feeding
  • The use of hand massage/expression
  • Correct make up and storage of formula
  • Spotting tongue tie

Breastfeeding Support Specialist

Elaine Prior

I have been working in the Health Service since 1981. I am currently a Midwife in the NHS. As a part of my role as a Community Midwife I give infant feeding advice and support to Parents before and after their baby is born. As a health professional I give evidence based information in accordance with the UNICEF, Baby Friendly Initiative (BFI) guidelines. I undertake yearly mandatory training.  My professional practice is governed by the NMC and I am a member of the Royal College of Midwives. I love being a midwife and I am confident I can help you with your infant feeding choices, especially if you have decided to breastfeed and the challenges and rewards that brings.


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HushaBoo Night Nanny & Sleep Consultant
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I love #bedtimestories , it’s one of my favourite times of the day to spend with Davey. It’s also such a great way to wind down at bedtime whilst having a snuggle 💕
This is one of his favourites that we read today and one of mine too, it has such a lovely message. What’s your little one’s favourite bedtime story?
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4 weeks ago

HushaBoo Night Nanny & Sleep Consultant

What do you do in the heatwave? Avoid crowded places and queues, where you get even more irritated. Eat fresh food. Find an amazing place with shade and paddling pools just for Babies and Toddlers.

Buy a Summer Pass for £20 to come as many times as you want between today (my 47th Birthday eek) and end of August, so 5 weeks of fun in our cool playbarn for Under 5’s. This excludes classes. Buy them at Barn or we can send them to you for £1 extra.

Pop a water bottle in the fridge for a few hours and put it in their bed before they get in.

Put on your AC and their hats and sun cream and drive to The Nurture Barn where it is lovely and cool with breezes from the garden windows.

Paddle in our safe, shallow paddling pools.

Eat outside under our gazebos.

Have an ice cream after a lovely lunch.

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4 weeks ago

HushaBoo Night Nanny & Sleep Consultant

Lovely meeting Keeley this morning at my sleep clinic at The Nurture Barn at The Blue Egg, Great Bardfield. I gave her some tips on how to get through the early rising with some self settling strategies and nap advice.
I’m at the Nurture Barn every month and will also be there for Barnfest on 31st August ☀️

The Nurture Barn at The Blue Egg, Great Bardfield
Henry doesn’t sleep past 4.30am so we got mummy a 1 to 1 hour (£32) with #Hushaboosleep to talk about strategies. She is here next on Wed Sept 11, call us to book your appointment. - [ ] #preschoolers #preschool #nurturebarn #daysoutwiththekids #essexmum #essexdaysout #babyledweaning #babydaysout #mumsofinstagram #educationaltoys #preschoolactivities #greatdunmow#whatsoninessex #daysoutwithkidsinessex#Under5s#toddlerfriendly#breastfedbaby#childfriendly#mummysndbaby#babyfood#toddlerplayideas#motherofalloutings #chelmsfordmums #chelmsfordmumstobe #brentwoodmumstob #babiesofinstagram #thingstodoinessex #essexmamas #essexmama #childfriendlycafe
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A sunrise is undoubtedly beautiful. But at this time of year it’s not much fun if your little one is waking earlier and earlier. I have had so many enquiries about early rising in the last month so it’s clearly taking its toll. There’s three main reasons your little one may be waking earlier.

⭐️Light - this is the obvious one at this time of year. Some are more sensitive to light than others but it’s always worth ruling out - make sure that room is as dark as can be!
⭐️ Noise - coupled with chinks of light, your little one may be more sensitive to noises especially the birds that just love to sing at 4am. If their song is causing sleep deprivation, consider white noise as a temporary measure to block out external noises, and if you have it already, make sure it’s loud enough.

⭐️ Overtiredness - whether it’s caused by a late bedtime or tricky naps during the day, overtiredness causes the levels of cortisol to be elevated at bedtime...which then spill over to ‘awake’ mode too early in the morning. Check your little ones schedule and routine to make sure they’re getting the right amount of sleep.

For more info, please check out my blog post on the early rising on the website.
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